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Configure Status Notifications

To receive email notifications that update migration status, you may select email addresses to receive scheduled notifications. You may also define how frequently notifications are sent.

To configure Notifications, there are two processes that must be followed. The first process is to configure the SMTP mail provider where notifications will be sent from. This account will then be used for each Project’s notifications.

Configure SMTP Sender Account

  1. Navigate to File > Options.

  2. Click the Notifications tab.

  3. Enable the checkbox at the top to Send notifications during migration

    Note: You may disable this checkbox at any time during a migration to stop receiving notifications.

  4. Define how frequently you would like to receive email notifications by defining a value in the Send notifications after this many minutes field.

    Note: the default is 60 minutes (1 hour).

  5. Select the SMTP provider used to send notifications:

    • Google (Gmail)
    • Microsoft 365
  6. After selecting your provider, enter an account and password for that provider. If selecting Gmail, one of the following is required:

    • Enable less secure apps if MFA is not enabled.
    • Create an app password if MFA is enabled.

    Alt text

Configure Notification Recipients

The above configuration sets up TMC-wide notification accounts but does not define notification recipients (where notifications are sent). Defining recipients is done via the following process:

  1. In the main menu, navigate to Project > Notifications.

  2. Define the sender and recipient email addresses. Notifications will be sent to accounts defined in each row.

  3. Click Save and you will receive email notifications that contain status updates about in-progress migrations.

    Alt text

Email Notification Details

Once configured, you will receive email notifications that provide updates to in-progress migrations with the following status information:

  • Project Name
  • Migration ID
  • Percent Complete
  • Minutes remaining
  • Job Counts:
    • Jobs currently processing (% complete)
    • Jobs completed
    • Jobs failed
    • Jobs cancelled