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Prepare Migration

After you Create your Migration, you will want to review some important information that may affect migration performance.

Migration Machines

Transend Migration Console defaults to migration processing on your local machine. However, if you need to speed up the migration we recommend scaling processing across a network of remote machines. Adding additional remote machines will allow you to migrate more user accounts in parallel, while managing everything from the central Console. For more information, view Setting up Remote Machines.

Adjust Concurrency

Alternatively, you may Adjust Concurrency to increase the number of threads that are migrated in parallel on each machine. Please note that each computer system is different, and increasing concurrency beyond what your system can support has a negative effect on performance.


Before performing a Production migration, ensure you have properly entered in your Production License information. If you do not have a Production license entered, your migration will either be limited to 5 messages per folder (Trial Mode) or will contain a text watermark on the target message (Evaluation License).

Important reminders

The Prepare page displays important reminders and considerations that should be taken into account before migrating data. Many of these reminders are system specific, and/or relate to considerations that will effect performance (i.e. turning off anti-virus).