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CalDAV Considerations

CalDAV is a standard for storing calendar and task data on a remote server, and a protocol for clients to access that data. Many systems such as Oracle Communications Suite, CommuniGate, Zimbra, Scalix, Kerio, Google, Yahoo and others support CalDAV. If Transend supports the native API of your system, you should use that, otherwise CalDAV can be used.


  • No additional software is required.
  • Internet Connection. A TCP/IP connection to the server is required.

You will need to know the correct URL to access the calendar or task database for your user. This can be obtained from the vendor of your server.


Zimbra: https://mail.host.com/dav/[email protected]/calendar_name
Scalix: https://mail.host.com/api/dav/Calendars/Users/[email protected]/calendar_name
Kerio: https://mail.host.com/calendars/domain/[email protected]/calendar_name
Yahoo: https://caldav.calendar.yahoo.com/dav/[email protected]/Calendar/calendar_name/