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Outlook PST Considerations

Transend supports the migration from and to PST files. You will need either a 32-bit or 64-bit Outlook client installed on the migration machine. For best performance, we recommend 32-bit Outlook.

On the Define Users page in Transend Migration Console, enter the path and filename of an existing PST file when migrating from an Outlook PST.

When migrating to a PST file, if one does not exist then Transend Migration Console will create one for you during migration with the name you provide. If the PST file already exists, enter the name and path in the Target field.

Outlook/PST (Non-MAPI)
If you do not have access to an Outlook client on the migration workstation, and you are migrating FROM an OST or PST file, you may select the Outlook/PST (Non-MAPI) option in the Source dropdown list.

However, it is recommended you install an Outlook client on your migration workstation and select the Outlook PST option, which will render better data fidelity and is a more stable option.