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Report-only Migration

This choice allows you to create a report of the source account without actually migrating email data to a target. This report will inventory and then list the folder, email, and attachment totals within each account. You may also change the report to include each folder name and subtotals by folder.


  • Microsoft Excel is required to view the report.
  • The report is saved in XML format, and it is found inside the log file directory.

Report Level
Change the level of detail in the report by enabling the /XMLREPORT < n > custom option. Level 1 reporting is the default setting and it gives you a summary count of the entire mailbox. Level 2 reporting will give you the counts per folder and the summary.

The Report-only Migration choice will scan through each mail folder to count the number of messages and attachments. Creating this report may take a considerable amount of time depending on the quantity of messages and the performance and resources available on your machine.