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Transend Migration Console is the most intuitive, flexible and scalable migration tool on the market!

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Perform your project internally with optimized custom software, or rely on a team of experts to perform your migration for you with guaranteed success!

Award winning migration solutions are designed to ensure your migration is performed efficiently, accurately, with no data loss or downtime!


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When technology changes, data moves.

- PLAN -


After understanding specific project requirements, a certified expert will recommend a migration strategy and approach for your project.



Define and execute a testing plan (pilot) to ensure throughput and data fidelity meet expectations and timelines are met.



Smart configuration technology auto-defaults recommended settings based on your migration scenario.



Scale processing across a network of remote machines running in parallel, while managing the entire project from a central console in real-time.



Work with a migration engineer to validate results and ensure data fidelity meets expectations.


The professionalism, knowledge, and accessibility of our Transend team was second to none. I’ve been in IT for 27 years, and our project with Transend was easily the smoothest software project I’ve experienced. As we discuss current and future projects, we find ourselves comparing other vendors to Transend. You’ve become the standard for excellence to which we now hold our other business partners. I hope I have the opportunity to work with Transend again in the future!

Michael Baker
Salvation Army

Accenture’s migration went extremely well. It was an incredible pace…we were able to move up to 4,000 users per week with Transend’s software!

Janet Remus

At P&G, email is critical to our employee’s productivity. Migrating our 130,000+ users across 180 countries globally from Notes to Exchange was an enormous undertaking. With Transend’s software, we made the transition smoothly with minimal user impact!

Jeff Nicolai
Proctor & Gamble

Transend’s customer service, support and guidance was wonderful. We initially ran into a problem with a corrupt message causing errors, but Transend quickly identified and fixed the issue, allowing us to stay on schedule. Transend’s support team is a credit to its organization!

John Berger
Los Angeles Unified School District

We migrated 1,200 mailboxes to Exchange with Transend’s software. From beginning to end their support team assisted us through every step of the project, and we are now on Exchange without any downtime. Transend made it easy!

John Kull
Community Hospital (Grand Junction, CO)

Transend’s software met our needs perfectly. It was very easy to migrate all our email data, including problematic calendar entries. The tool processes data extremely fast, and is simple to configure and operate. We migrated 5,000 large Notes .NSF archives to Exchange without issues.

Marjorie Huet
Kraft Foods

I was extremely happy with the level of support Transend provided for our 7,000 user migration from GroupWise to Exchange. The responsiveness and guidance that Transend provided is well above what is normally seen!

Rob Butler
US Dept. of Agriculture

Transend turned a highly scrutinized project by management into one completed with complete and absolute success! There is no other vendor to be considered when we need to perform our next migration. Transend migrates all email systems and WILL be the tool we use going forward.

Rob Wright
Sun Life Financial

Transend moved our client from Google to M365, and the process was as smooth as I could imagine. I have used Transend’s products before, but this was the first time I have used their services, and the project was completely painless! All data was successfully migrated and all we had to do was make the requested DNS changes (which Transend will do if requested). I will definitely be using Transend again in the future for any of our migrations. We have never had anything but excellent service from Transend!

Josh Cofer
Huff Technologies

Transend’s software turned an enormous labor intensive, enterprise email migration into a smooth rollout process. Thanks to Transend, we were able to fast cycle the transition to Exchange and Office 365 without downtime!

Yves Claes

We were extremely impressed with the results of our Google-to-M365 migration. We spent over a year looking into solutions to migrate email accounts with 15+ years of email history. After initially talking with Transend we were skeptical about how simple they made the process sound. We delayed our decision due to these concerns, not truly believing it could be pulled off without major problems or some downtime. However, Transend was confident in its process and technology…and proved it! Zero downtime. Zero issues. We couldn’t have hoped for a smoother process!

Duane Needham
ICI Manufacturing

Transend’s technical abilities and customer service are fantastic. They accomplished in two days what I failed to do over weeks. Their knowledge and tools made for a quick and easy migration from Google Workspace to M365. They even worked late to meet a tough deadline. I highly recommend Transend, and their pricing is extremely reasonable, even for a non-profit like us!

Emily Perkins
Leadership Council for Women in National Security

Working with Transend to perform our email migration was an absolute blessing! Our dedicated Project Manager and engineer went above and beyond our expectations. We initially ran into numerous problems with our setup that were caused by another IT admin, but Transend architected and implemented a quick and effective solution allowing us to successfully migrate all data and transition to Microsoft 365 on schedule. I highly recommend Transend if you’re looking for a team of experts to get the job done no matter what transpires along the way.

Chief Technical Officer
Dynamique Capital Advisors