About Us

25+ years developing migration solutions for email systems worldwide

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Transend’s leading-edge technology & unique methodology simplifies your migration!

Experience & Qualification

Transend Corporation, headquartered in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, provides industry leading solutions to architect, implement, migrate and extend enterprise messaging and collaboration. With corporate offices in Palo Alto, California, and engineering, research and development offices in Seattle, Austin, St. Louis, and Tampa, Transend has a long-standing history of continuously exceeding customer expectations, providing leading-edge technology and unparalleled professional services / technical support from highly-trained and certified U.S.-based experts.

With 25+ years experience developing solutions for email systems worldwide, Transend offers award winning email migration solutions that have been used by large and small organizations, as well as individuals, around the world to convert well over 30 million mailboxes between virtually all email systems.

“The only source of knowledge is experience”

– Albert Einstein

  • 30+ million mailboxes migrated
  • 25+ years as a market leader

Transend’s History

Transend has a long heritage in the email market dating back to the birth of email. Transend invented the concept of specialized PC-based email clients in 1983 with a product called PC COMplete™, the first “universal” email client — a concept now incorporated in Microsoft Outlook. Private label versions of PC COMplete were marketed by GE Information Services, AT&T, Pacific Bell, HP, CSC Infonet, BT Tymnet, DEC, BIMCOM Ltd., Teleo S.p.A. and others. In 1993, PC COMplete was nominated by EMMS, a leading email industry publication at the time, for Product of the Decade because of its contribution to the growth of email.

In the early 1990’s Transend began working directly with Microsoft to develop a MAPI-based driver for DEC MAILworks. This project led Transend and Microsoft to work together to develop an email driver for Lotus cc:Mail that would plug into the precursor of Microsoft Outlook. When Microsoft Outlook was released, the Transend cc:Mail driver was bundled and distributed by Microsoft in Microsoft Office and Outlook. Transend later released a portion of that technology as a stand-alone email conversion utility, ConnectorWare Import for cc:Mail, for importing cc:Mail messages and address books into Microsoft Outlook/Exchange.

Transend eventually took the concept of a stand-alone email conversion utility and enhanced the engine to support all major mail platforms. For over 2+ decades, Transend Migrator was counted on for all leading edge mail migrations, regardless of the source or target platform.

In late 2020, Transend released a new product, Transend Migration Console, that utilizes the existing battle-tested Transend Migrator engine, while adding architecture that streamlines the configuration workflow process, scalability and reporting functionality.

Migration Services

Just prior to launching Transend Migration Console, in 2019 Transend created a Professional Services division. While Transend previously provided developed software for customers to migrate data themselves, Transend’s Professional Services team now allows customers to offload all migration efforts to trusted experts. The offering has been a huge success in the market while successfully supporting large and complex enterprise scale migration projects.

Transend has since extended it’s services offering to support smaller and less complex projects. Express Migration Services are designed to quickly and efficiently transition SMB organizations with less complex requirements and tighter budgets to new platforms.

Custom Development

In addition to its current email migration and conversion solutions, Transend has developed custom email software solutions under direct contracts with Microsoft, Barracuda, Four Seasons Resorts, FedEx, Digital Equipment, IBM, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, Pacific Bell, British Telecom, Kokusai Electric, SARITEL S.p.A, Hong Kong Telecom, Infonet and others. Transend’s extensive experience developing email migration technology has led to its current industry leading email migration solutions.


Transend has strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Micro Focus, Barracuda and other leading edge providers.