Transend makes migration easy, and understanding pricing should be even easier!


Express Migration Services


Designed for customers with less complex requirements, who simply want Transend to migrate them to the new mail platform with no disruption. Transend transitions all users to the new environment with no downtime whatsoever, ensuring mail is properly flowing into the new platform and all legacy data is accurately migrated. Transend ensures all considerations are accounted for, including domain registration, DNS record configuration and data migration. We do it for you to guarantee it’s done properly!


Enterprise Professional Services


Custom Professional Services for enterprise level projects with complex considerations. Transend’s team of senior architects and engineers will focus on architecture and topology to ensure a multi-phased Project Plan surfaces all issues. Planning and testing phases will yield a predictable production migration and transition to the new environment.




Transend Migration Console



For most small & medium sized projects

Unit Price Licence + Support
Mailboxes Limited Support Standard Support
Up to 24 $ 24.00 $ 29.00
25 + $ 19.00 $ 23.00
75 + $ 16.00 $ 19.00
100 + $ 14.00 $ 17.00
500 + $ 12.00 $ 15.00
1,000 + Contact Us Contact Us
  • Scale across up to 3 remote machines (physical and virtual)
  • Process up to 5 concurrent migrations/threads per machine
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Robust scalability for faster processing

Unit Price Licence + Support
Mailboxes Limited Support Standard Support
500 + $ 16.00 $ 18.00
1,000 + $ 14.00 $ 16.00
2,500 + $ 11.00 $ 13.00
5,000 + $ 9.00 $ 11.00
10,000 + $ 6.00 $ 8.00
25,000 + Contact Us Contact Us
  • Scale across unlimited number of machines (physical and virtual)
  • Process unlimited concurrent migrations/threads per machine
  • Priority access to L2 support
  • 2 hours of consulting related to migration approach & configuration (500+ licenses)
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Consulting Services

Dedicated experts provide additional guidance related to planning, architecture & environmental considerations.

Project planning:
  • Migration farm setup
  • Scaling and optimization
  • Testing methodology
  • Production approach
Environmental considerations:
  • Source / Target preparation
  • Network recommendations
Product optimization:
  • Setup and installation
  • Configuration & advanced usage
Validate results:
  • Review completion reports and logs
  • Remediation recommendations
Custom development opportunities:
  • Custom patches to provide enhanced functionality specific to your needs
Other Software Editions

Migrate toAmazon WorkMailFREE OF CHARGE

Migrate to WorkMail for FREE! Thanks to our strategic partnership, Amazon will cover all your migration costs (Transend software and support). Simply request FREE Production licenses (below) and begin your migration immediately! There’s no fine print!

  • Telephone & email support regarding product usage issues (from a US-based engineer during business hours)
  • Customers with less than 25 licenses receive email support only
  • Customers with 25 to 99 licenses are limited to 3 telephone support instances (not to exceed 1 hour per instance), and receive unlimited email support
  • Customers with 100+ licenses receive unlimited telephone and email support
  • Maximum response time of 24 hours Monday through Friday (except U.S. holidays)
  • Free product updates for one year from purchase date

Transend Migration Console for eDiscoveryEDISCOVERY

Convert data to file formats required for compliance and eDiscovery purposes. Licensed per machine (rather than per user mailbox), TMC eDiscovery allows the conversion of an unlimited number of data files/mailboxes. This license is not for the migration of user mailboxes to another email server or archive system.

  • Telephone & email support regarding product usage issues (from a US-based engineer during business hours)
  • Free product updates (for 1-year from purchase date)
  • Maximum response time of 24 hours, Mon – Fri

Frequently Asked Questions

Included Services

Enterprise Migration Services are all custom projects that include custom services. Please contact us to request a proposal. Express Migration Services include the following: Onboarding

  • Dedicated Project Manager & Engineer
  • Secure access to a dedicated Project Portal
  • Guidance obtaining onboarding credentials
  • Define project plan

Setup & Configuration

  • Configure dedicated Migration Farm in secure AWS cloud
  • Prepare target platform
    • Register domain(s) in target
    • Provisioning services (Advanced Project Type only)
  • Build and validate migration software configuration
  • Prepare admin or end-user authentication; confirm connectivity to source/target environments
  • Confirm DNS cutover date (“Go Live”) and migration schedule

Transition to target environment

  • Pre-migrate data in advance of cutover
  • Update DNS records to support mail flow into and out of the target environment (“Go Live”)
    • MX records; TXT for Sender Policy Framework (SPF); Autodiscover
  • Perform data migration from source to target, including delta jobs
  • Confirm results; remediate migration errors

Post-Migration Support (Managed Help Desk)

  • User Support – L1 or L2 support to Users covering platform access and usage
    • Online access
    • Local desktop client (Outlook)
    • Mobile devices (native app, iOS, Android)
  • Administrator (IT) Support – Guidance to administrators related to management features
  • Training Materials – online Help Center with feature-based information and guidance
    • User Help Center
    • Admin Help Center

Express Services: Project Details

Just because we’re migration experts doesn’t mean we expect you to be! Express Migration Services are designed to support all types of users and organizations, including those with limited technical skills.

Your Project Manager will guide you through providing Transend with requested deliverables. Once we have the requested credentials, we perform all the work from there. We will ensure all considerations are addressed so there is no downtime or disruption to end-users, and your transition to the new environment is seamless and hassle-free!

Once Express Migration Services are purchased, Transend can started right away! All Customers will receive an invitation to their dedicated Project Portal within 1-2 business days. Within that Project Portal will be all relevant information and guidance needed to get started.

Most projects can be completed within 1-3 days from the date Transend begins the migration, although the number of accounts and amount of data in scope impact the timeline. Your dedicated Project Manager and Engineer will be ready to begin right away, and with robust scalability and rapid throughput capabilities, Transend’s optimized technology supports a quick turnaround!

Cutovers are when you officially transition to (or “Go Live”) in the new platform, and all new incoming mail is routed to the new platform. Transend will communicate all relevant considerations leading up to the cutover, and will let you schedule a cutover date that meets your needs. If Transend performs the cutover (Transend updates DNS records):

  • Monday – Thursday (1pm – 5pm US – Central Time).
    • Migration processing will begin immediately after confirming mail flow into the target.

If Customer performs the cutover (Customer updates DNS records):

  • After Transend receives confirmation from Customer the DNS cutover has been performed and email is flowing into the target, Transend will begin migration processing immediately during normal business hours.

Note: if Customer has a need to cutover on Friday or during the weekend, please contact Transend to learn about the options available and additional fees.

Transend will request the following Customer To-Do Items, and will provide detailed guidance how to obtain each item:

  • Admin credentials to the source platform
  • Admin credentials to the target platform
  • User List
  • If necessary, DNS registrar credentials

If admin credentials cannot be provided, end-user passwords will be required.

Transend provides an optional “Go Live” Support package. Includes everything below for a one-time fee of $950. Support: 2-weeks of post-cutover support to Users and Admins via phone, email, and remote screen share, as necessary.

  • User Support (Help Desk) – L1 support to Users covering platform access and usage
    • Online access
    • Local desktop client (Outlook)
    • Mobile devices (native app, iOS, Android)
  • Administrator (IT) Support – Guidance to administrators related to management features
  • Training Materials – online Help Center with feature-based information and guidance
    • User Help Center
    • Admin Help Center

Assessment: Experts review your platform and make recommendations for optimization.

  • Platform review
    • Assessment and discovery
    • Discvoery meeting to understand needs, challenges and goals
  • Assessment report
    • Key findings
    • Optimization recommendations

Express Migration Services Terms & Conditions can be viewed here.


One license is required for each user mailbox requiring migration.

It depends on your specific use case. Please Contact Us.

Each licenses allows you to migrate a respective mailbox as many times as necessary. Powerful de-duplication features allow for delta migrations to support both big bang and phased migrations.

Transend Migration Console should only be installed on a single machine. However, depending on the Edition you purchased, you may scale your project by installing Transend Remote Agent(s) on as many machines as your licensed Edition will allow.

Yes, Transend offers discounts for all of the above. Please Contact Us to request discounted pricing.

Absolutely not! You only need to purchase licenses for the number of mailboxes you need to migrate.

Yes, although it’s only recommended for unusual circumstances or specific use cases that render it more effective, which is rare.

Transend Migration Console integrates the exact same migration engine, while adding enhanced functionality that is lacking in Transend Migrator. However, you may still evaluate and purchase Transend Migrator, now called Transend Migrator (Classic).

Effective December 31, 2021, Transend deprecated all support for Transend Migrator (Classic).

Please Contact Us to request Transend Migrator (Classic).


Transend offers Limited and Standard support with each purchase of Transend Migration Console. For more information about the specific support packages, please view definitions of support terms.

Limited Support:

  • General:
    • Level 1 Support Engineer only
    • Maximum response time of 24 hours (M-F, 9am-5pm Pacific)
    • Coverage Term (6 months from date of purchase)
  • Communication:
    • Email only
  • Installation:
    • Single machine instance only
  • Troubleshooting:
    • Basic feature advice only

Standard Support:

  • General:
    • Level 2 & 3 Support Engineer
    • Development team access (indirect)
    • Maximum response time of 12 hours (M-F, 9am-5pm Pacific)
    • Coverage Term (1 year from date of purchase)
  • Communication:
    • Email
    • Telephone
    • Scheduled meetings / screen sharing
  • Installation:
    • Single machine instance
    • Multiple remote instances (Remote Agents)
  • Troubleshooting:
    • Basic feature advice
    • Remote Agents
    • Review of Errors/Warnings (defined in logs)
    • Code debugging


  • Issues that require an L2 engineer or the development team require Standard Support.
  • For more information about the specific support packages, please view definitions of support terms.

Either Limited or Standard Support is included with all purchases.

Consulting services are available at additional cost for customers who require guidance related to planning, architecture, methodology or environmental considerations.

Project Planning:

  • Migration farm setup
  • Scaling and optimization
  • Testing (Pilot) methodology
  • Production migration approach

Environmental Considerations:

  • Source / Target platform preparation
  • Network recommendations

Product Optimization:

  • Advanced setup and installation best practices
  • Advanced configuration and usage

Result Validation:

  • Review completion reports & logs
  • Remediation recommendations

Consulting services can be purchased at any time. Please contact us for more information.

Transend’s normal support hours are 9am – 5pm (Pacific), Mon – Fri.

Extended Support: If you will be performing a migration during non-business hours, or anticipate a need for support during non-business hours, please contact us to purchase Extended Support. In most cases we require at least 7 days advanced notice so we can schedule a support engineer to be available.

No, Transend does not auto-renew your support package unless you ask us to. We also offer multi-year support packages at a discount. Please Contact Us for more details.


You can purchase online with a credit card or via PayPal. Alternatively, you can issue a Purchase Order and pay by Wire Transfer, PayPal, or Company Check.

Transend’s remittance address is:

Transend Corporation
Attn: Accounts Receivable
855 14th Ave.
Menlo Park, CA 94025

For wire transfer details or Transend’s Federal Tax ID number, please Contact Us.

Once we receive a valid Purchase Order, we will send you an invoice with net-30 day payment terms.

All listed pricing is in US Dollars, and Transend accepts payment in US Dollars only. Transend is to be paid the full amount defined in each quote/invoice. Any taxes that must be deducted by a foreign or domestic government are to be assumed and paid by Company. No taxes shall be deducted from the fees due to Transend.

Once we receive a valid Purchase Order, we will send you an invoice with net-30 day payment terms (in most cases).

Standard Support terms include 1 year of Support & Maintenance from your date of purchase, while Limited Support terms include 6 months of Support & Maintenance from date of purchase. All customers may upgrade to the latest version of Transend Migration Console during their active Support & Maintenance term free of charge.

If your Support & Maintenance period has expired, the upgrade fee is 50% of your original purchase price.

All Transend products are available for download on a try-before-you-buy basis. We provide a free trial of the software to let you fully evaluate our products before making a purchase decision. During your trial, and after you’ve purchased the software, our support staff is available to assist with product usage issues via email or telephone. We strongly recommend that all customers download, install, and test the trial version of any product prior to making a purchase.

In certain instances, if due to technical difficulties or platform incompatibilities the software will not function properly, we may, at our discretion, issue a refund. In such instances, we require that you have contacted (and received) technical support to ensure you have taken all necessary steps to correctly operate the software prior to being eligible for a refund. In order to provide the appropriate level of technical support, Transend requires customers are able to provide software log files, as requested. Unused licenses do not expire and can be used at any time. As such, unused licenses are not subject to refund.

Customers who purchase licenses to migrate to Amazon WorkMail rather than requesting free production licenses are entitled to enhanced Support & Maintenance that free licenses are not bundled with. Transend is not able to offer refunds to paying customers who later request free production licenses to migrate to Amazon WorkMail.

Transend does not offer refunds on service engagements.

Transend Migration Console runs on Windows only. However, there are options for Mac users:

  • Boot Camp Assistant – Install Windows 10 on your Mac (free of charge)
  • Parallels – run Windows on your Mac
  • Launch a Windows VM on your Mac.