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We perform the migration for you, from beginning to end.

Enterprise Professional Services








Guarantee migration success!

Regardless of your specific needs, Transend’s team of engineers and architects can perform all required services. When leaning on Transend to perform your migration, you’re relying on a team of professionals who have migrated enterprise level organizations with complex requirements, as well as small companies with limited IT resources. Because we’ve experienced all associated challenges that must be overcome, we’re well positioned to ensure your migration is carried out efficiently and successfully!

We’re not only the service provider, but also the software developer.

Unlike most service providers who rely on 3rd party software, we don’t need to rely on anyone else’s email migration technology, experience or support. When an issue does arise, we don’t send support tickets to an international queue resulting in unnecessary delays or IT purgatory. A direct line of communication between Transend engineers, project managers and senior developers represents an efficiency that is truly unique and positions projects for unparalleled success!

Example of select Scope of Work:

Readiness Assesment, Discovery & Planning

Before moving any data, we’ll ensure all goals and timelines are identified, variables are surfaced, and the project is positioned for success. Transend engineers & solution architects have the experience and knowhow to uncover all relevant issues that position projects for success

  • Project Managment
  • Identify goals, timelines, strategies and approach
  • Infrastructure discovery & assessment
  • Architect communication plan
  • Architect migration approach of user & non-user objects
Infrastructure Implementation & Deployment

Once the project plan has been defined and documented, we will configure and deploy all necessary infrastructure prior to migration. Thorough testing will ensure the proper topology is in place

  • Configure and deploy tenancy
  • Provision user accounts
  • Directory configuration & synchronization
  • Custom Development
  • Implement Communication Plan
  • Admin & End-user Training
Pilot, Production & Cutover

At this point we roll up our sleeves and do what we do best… …migrate all data while maintaining the highest standard of data fidelity

  • Email data (including non-user mailbox objects)
  • Files/Documents (OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Dirve, etc.)
  • Benchmark and validation testing
  • Configuration optimization
  • Scale resources
  • Pilot processing & review
  • Production processing & review
  • Co-existence & Mail Routing
  • MX Cutover

Just because the migration is completed doesn’t mean we are. We’re still here to ensure your IT team is prepared to support the end-user transition. We’ll continue to remediate any fidelity issues, and we’ll ensure your training plan is carried out

  • Data Fidelity Quality Assurance
  • End-User Training
  • Administrator Training
  • Technical Support
  • Custom Training Materials
  • Decommission old infrastructure

Cases Studies

University of California, Irvine

Transend migrated 7,500 users containing 22 TB of data from UCI's legacy IMAP platform (ES Mail) to Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and local PST files.

Gulf Business Machines

GBM’s project scope included 1,500 user accounts with over 11 TB of email data that was migrated to Microsoft 365. Domain and directory services, custom applications and document encryption were all considerations that were accounted for.

Barracuda Networks

Barracuda relies on Transend as its preferred email migration partner. Transend has migrated over 200 TB of data across thousands of NSF files for some of Barracuda’s most important customers.


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The professionalism, knowledge, and accessibility of our Transend team was second to none. I’ve been in IT for 27 years, and our project with Transend was easily the smoothest software project I’ve experienced. As we discuss current and future projects, we find ourselves comparing other vendors to Transend. You’ve become the standard for excellence to which we now hold our other business partners. I hope I have the opportunity to work with Transend again in the future!

Michael Baker
Salvation Army

Had we tried to perform this migration ourselves it most certainly would not have been as successful, or completed on time, as we experienced with Transend doing it for us. The expertise of Transend’s engineers provided us with a high level of confidence, while data integrity was maintained completely. During the transition our users experienced no downtime whatsoever, which allowed our internal IT resources to focus on training and bringing our user base quickly up to speed.

Bruce Court
CenterLine (Windsor) Ltd.

Working with Transend on our migration project was a pleasure. Communication was great, and the work they performed was extremely thorough. They successfully migrated our entire user base from GroupWise to Exchange with no downtime. I highly recommend Transend’s services!

Eric Evans
City of Bristol, CT

With limited IT resources, we needed a migration vendor with significant hands-on experience. Transend was highly educated with G Suite to Office 365 and O365 tenant-to-tenant migrations which made us feel comfortable working with them. The project went well from start to finish and we would be more than happy to work with Transend again. They delivered a “white glove” migration services experience!

Jay Currier
Critical Process Systems Group

I want to thank Transend for the excellent job migrating us from Domino to M365. Executives are extremely happy with the efficiency of the conversion and cutover – we experienced no disruption whatsoever.

Transend’s professionalism and communication skills kept the project on track. Your obvious experience, deep knowledge of both environments, and familiarity with functional idiosyncrasies helped everything come together at all levels. You exceeded our expectations!

Douglas Richter
G.A. Gertmenian & Sons

We were extremely impressed with the results of our Google-to-M365 migration. We spent over a year looking into solutions to migrate email accounts with 15+ years of email history. After initially talking with Transend we were skeptical about how simple they made the process sound. We delayed our decision due to these concerns, not truly believing it could be pulled off without major problems or some downtime. However, Transend was confident in its process and technology…and proved it! Zero downtime. Zero issues. We couldn’t have hoped for a smoother process!

Duane Needham
ICI Manufacturing

Selecting Transend to migrate our company from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 turned a perceived headache into a pleasant surprise. Migrating years of company data is a daunting task, as there are many considerations when choosing a professional data migration service. Thankfully, we chose Transend.

From day one, working with the knowledgeable professionals at Transend was effortless. Detailed planning left nothing to chance and set the stage for a smooth and predictable transition.

My mission as the IT Manager in a fast-paced industry is to ensure employees always have access to their data, and there is no downtime. The Transend team flawlessly performed our enterprise scale migration and ultimately made me look like a genius!

Barry McKinney
Benton Technical Services

After vetting companies to migrate our organization from GroupWise to Microsoft 365, we selected Transend. Through our vetting process, we found Transend’s systematic approach and methodology was better defined and organized than other vendors. While there were cheaper alternatives, in the IT world you get what you pay for. We found it was worth every penny to entrust the migration of our most critical internal data (our organization’s entire email history) to experts who had a battle tested approach. Transend’s architects and engineers are experts in everything related to platform implementation and architecture, data migration, and were able to execute a successful migration within budget and on-schedule. Their communication was excellent. All aspects of the project exceeded our expectations.

Shawn Johnson
Housing Authority of Yamhill County

Transend adapted to every changing need of our organization. Our enterprise migration to Microsoft 365 was complex, with many moving parts and rapidly evolving variables. We didn’t manage to stump Transend in any way!

Nathan Pearce
Oversight Board

Due to a corporate merger, we needed to migrate email data and SharePoint/OneDrive files between Microsoft 365 tenants. From analysis and preparation, through production execution and post-transition support, Transend guided a successful and efficient migration, even when internal challenges arose. The project team of architects and engineers provided valuable guidance throughout the entire process while keeping us informed through all phases. We are extremely relieved to have put our confidence in the hands of such knowledgeable and proficient migration experts.

Stephen Corbiaux
Davinsi Labs