When partnering with
Transend Services,
here’s how it works

Key Benefits:


Transend’s Methodology:

    We’ll register your domain
    & provision user accounts

    We guide a seamless transition –
    absolutely no end-user disruption!

    We configure DNS records so email is
    routed properly to the new platform

    All source data is migrated
    into new target accounts

    No data will be lost or left behind,
    you’ll receive incoming mail at all times!

    Optionally, Transend can perform
    any additional requested services


Experience & Qualification

Transend Corporation, headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley, has 25+ years of experience providing messaging solutions. Having successfully migrated 30+ million global users to new platforms, Transend is the ideal partner to carry out your migration project.


We’re the service provider
AND the software developer!

Unlike most vendors who rebrand 3rd party software, we don’t rely on anyone else’s email migration technology, experience or support. If problems arise, we won’t be submitting external support tickets resulting in delays. Our engineers simply pick up the phone to communicate with our internal developers to ensure real-time troubleshooting.

This direct line of communication represents an efficiency that positions migration projects for unparalleled success.

  • Eliminate support delays
  • Enhanced project efficiency
  • Full accountability


What’s Next?


After 10 years with Microsoft, we decided to switch to Google Workspace. After a few failed attempts to migrate the mailboxes ourselves, we cut our losses and asked Transend to perform the porject for us. Everyone at Transend was quick to assist and get our data migrated without a hitch. They were professional, efficient and provided tremendous value. They saved us countless hours and we had zero down time during the migration. I highly recommend the team at Transend!

Julie Olson Rachlin

Reciprocal Capital partnered with Transend to migrate legacy email and documents as part of a broader server upgrade. Transend successfully completed the project on-schedule, and their excellent communication along the way provided real peace of mind. I can’t recommend their services highly enough.

Mike Alfano
Reciprocal Capital

Our company was facing a series of challenges by undertaking our email migration. With the clear planning, guidance, and execution of Transend’s team the project was painless. Several of our users have large and rather older data profiles which were easily brought to Microsoft 365. We couldn’t be happier with our experience provided by Transend. I heartily recommend the migration service.

Thomas Breuler
London Aviation Underwriters

Run! Don’t walk to partner with Transend if you are considering moving to a new email platform. Our first email migration we did ourself was a nightmare, so the second time we prepared by partnering with Transend. They delivered as promised and provided clear communication during the process! All our email folders and messages were migrated quickly and cleanly!

Angelica Steinker
Courteous Canine, Inc.

We were extremely impressed with the results of our Gmail-to-M365 migration. We couldn’t be more pleased. We spent over a year looking into various solutions to migrate not only our email accounts, but all of our 15+ years of email history. After initially talking with Transend six months ago, we were skeptical about how simple they made the process sound. We delayed our decision because we were worried about the problems we might encounter, not truly believing it could be pulled off without major problems and at least some loss of this critical communication channel for some period of time. However, Transend was confident in its process and technology…and proved it! Zero down time. Zero issues. We couldn’t have hoped for a smoother process. Thank you all.

Duane Needham
ICI Manufacturing

After years of problems with my email provider (random sent emails were not received by my clients) I decided it was time to switch hosts. When I would reach out to my email host they would blame my internet provider. But after talking with the internet provider they put the blame it on the email host. After a couple of years I said enough is enough. So I started looking locally to find someone that could help me with the migration. With no luck locally, I decided to give Transend a chance. This decision turns out to be one of the best decisions I have made for my business! Their engineering team made the process so easy and pain-free. Transend migrated my email over to a M365 account and it has been working flawlessly ever since. If you are looking for a company to handle your email migration, I would look no further than Transend – you have come to the right place.

Darin McGuire
McGuire Tax

Frequently Asked Questions

Scope of Work

Express Migration Services include the following services within the Scope of Work:

Getting Started

  • Dedicated Project Manager & Engineer
  • Secure access to a dedicated Project Portal
  • Guidance obtaining customer credentials


  • Setup & provision target platform
    • Register primary domain in target
    • Provision user accounts
  • Configure dedicated Migration Farm in secure AWS cloud
  • Validate credentials and connectivity
  • Software configuration & authentication
  • Schedule Cutover and Production Migration
  • If selected, perform Optional Services (Advanced Setup, Training (Admin & End-User))


  • If necessary, pre-migrate data in advance of DNS cutover
  • Update and validate DNS records (“Go live”)
  • Perform data migration, including required delta jobs
  • Validate results and confirm migration success!

The following Optional Services are not required, and must be selected during checkout to be included in your Scope of Work:

Advanced Setup

  • Up to 2 hours of admin services related to platform setup, configuration and provisioning:
    • Register additional domains in target tenant (perform DNS cutover for all domains)
      • Note: registration of the primary domain is included within the general Scope of Work
    • Manage user account settings
    • Create/provision non-user objects:
      • Groups/Distribution Lists, Aliases, Rooms/Resources, etc.
    • Configure platform applications/services
    • Configure policies (authentication, security, compliance, retention, etc.)
    • Any engineering services not included in the general Scope of Work

Note: if more than 2 hours of Advanced Setup service is required, please Contact Us.


Administrator training – 1 hour of admin training covering general admin features of target platform:

    • Admin features of all email related services, including collaboration applications
    • Setup/configuration of desktop software (i.e. Outlook) and mobile devices
    • Add/remove users, create groups/distribution lists and other non-user objects
    • Directory sync, etc.

End-User training – 1 hour of live group-based End-User training detailing best practices related to access and usage of target platform:

    • Email, Calendar, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, etc.
    • Identify best practices & workflow recommendations focused on workflow efficiency
    • Q&A

Note: if additional Training sessions are required, please Contact Us.

General Project Details

Just because we’re migration experts, doesn’t mean we expect you to be! Express Migration Services are designed to support all types of users and organizations, including those with limited technical skills.

Your Project Manager will guide you through providing Transend with requested Customer deliverables (admin access to source/target, User List and (if necessary) DNS registrar credentials). In most cases that’s all we need. Once we have the requested credentials, we perform all the work from there.

We will set up your target environment, prepare you for the transition, update DNS records, and migrate all legacy data. We provide comprehensive training resources (documentation, recorded video and live sessions) for both administrators and end-users.

We will ensure all considerations are addressed so there is no downtime or disruption to end-users, and your transition to the new environment is seamless and hassle-free!

Once Express Migration Services are purchased, Transend can started right away!

All Customers will receive an invitation to their dedicated Project Portal within 1-2 business days. Within that Project Portal will be all relevant information and guidance needed to get started.

Most projects can be completed within 1-3 days from the date Transend begins the migration, although the number of accounts and amount of data in scope impact the timeline.

Your dedicated Project Manager and Engineer will be ready to begin right away, and with robust scalability and rapid throughput capabilities, Transend’s optimized technology supports a quick turnaround!

Cutovers are when you officially transition to (or “Go Live”) in the new platform, and all new incoming mail is routed to the new platform. Transend will communicate all relevant considerations leading up to the cutover, and will let you schedule a cutover date that meets your needs.

If Transend performs the cutover (Transend updates DNS records):

  • Sunday – Thursday (3pm – 7pm US – Central Time).
    • Migration processing will begin immediately after confirming mail flow into the target.

If Customer performs the cutover (Customer updates DNS records):

  • After Transend receives confirmation from Customer the DNS cutover has been performed and email is flowing into the target, Transend will begin migration processing immediately during cutover hours (Sunday – Thursday, 3pm – 7pm US – Central Time).

Transend will request the following Customer To-Do Items, and will provide detailed guidance how to obtain each item:

  • Admin credentials to the source platform
  • Admin credentials to the target platform
  • DNS registrar credentials (not required if Customer updates DNS records)
  • User List

If admin credentials cannot be provided, end-user passwords will be required.