Transition between platforms with no downtime.

Key Benefits:


Predictable Migration Results!

Designed for small projects with basic migration requirements.

Transend performs the migration for you to guarantee it’s done properly!


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Project Overview

    Custom Project Plan / Platform setup

    Guide a seamless migration with no user disruption!

    Secure data migration maintains optimal fidelity!

    Perform Cutover – email routes to the new platform

    No data is lost or left behind, mail is received at all times!

    Managed Help Desk
    – User support
    – Admin support


Experience & Qualification

Transend Corporation, headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley, has 25+ years of experience providing messaging solutions. Having successfully migrated 30+ million global users to new platforms, Transend is the ideal partner to carry out your migration project.


We’re the service provider AND the software developer!

Unlike most vendors who rebrand 3rd party software, we don’t rely on anyone else’s email migration technology, experience or support. If problems arise, we won’t be submitting external support tickets resulting in delays. Our engineers simply pick up the phone to communicate with our internal developers to ensure real-time troubleshooting.

This direct line of communication represents an efficiency that positions migration projects for unparalleled success.

  • Eliminate support delays
  • Enhanced project efficiency
  • Full accountability


What’s Next?

Working with Transend was a great experience. We had zero experience related to our GoDaddy to M365 migration, but Transend has a very detailed and organized process for each step that makes it easy. The customer approves each step and everything is thoroughly explained along the way, with help materials to explain concepts. It was such a positive experience that we came back 2 weeks later for migration of another tenant. Our Project Manager handled everything in a seamless manner. The project was laid out very nicely and we were informed of everything along the way, including start and completion times. We are relatively small, but we received Transend’s full attention during the process. I highly recommend!

Matt Weschler
Buckeye Trading

Transend’s email migration services truly impressed us! Their professionalism and expertise made the transition from GoDaddy 365 to Google Workspace remarkably smooth. From planning to execution, our Project Manager and Engineer handled every detail with care, ensuring no disruption.

Transend’s commitment to timely execution and exceptional support made the process stress-free for us. One thing we appreciated was the web portal where we were able to ask questions and also be updated on the migration process and status. This was very helpful as we were able to follow along with the migration progress from a central location.

Our company had an extremely positive experience with Transend and we highly recommend their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. They made our transition a breeze, and we are grateful for their outstanding service!

Alfred Appiah
Legacy Personnel, Inc.

The professionalism, knowledge, and accessibility of our Transend team was second to none. I’ve been in IT for 27 years, and our project with Transend was easily the smoothest software project I’ve experienced. As we discuss current and future projects, we find ourselves comparing other vendors to Transend. You’ve become the standard for excellence to which we now hold our other business partners. I hope I have the opportunity to work with Transend again in the future!

Michael Baker
Salvation Army

After 10 years with Microsoft, we decided to switch to Google Workspace. After a few failed attempts to migrate the mailboxes ourselves, we cut our losses and asked Transend to perform the porject for us. Everyone at Transend was quick to assist and get our data migrated without a hitch. They were professional, efficient and provided tremendous value. They saved us countless hours and we had zero down time during the migration. I highly recommend the team at Transend!

Julie Olson Rachlin

Reciprocal Capital partnered with Transend to migrate legacy email and documents as part of a broader server upgrade. Transend successfully completed the project on-schedule, and their excellent communication along the way provided real peace of mind. I can’t recommend their services highly enough.

Mike Alfano
Reciprocal Capital

After learning we needed to perform a complete migration from Microsoft to Google Workspace, I prepared myself for weeks of lost time and the inevitable mistakes and setbacks that come with working outside of one’s comfort zone. But after contacting Transend, I had complete confidence in their process. The migration went off without a hitch, just as they had promised. They worked patiently through our internal snags, kept us in the loop the whole time, and finished the job ahead of schedule. Pros all the way through; I received positive feedback from my team, and the process was smooth and easy.

Brent Butler

Our company was facing a series of challenges by undertaking our email migration. With the clear planning, guidance, and execution of Transend’s team the project was painless. Several of our users have large and rather older data profiles which were easily brought to Microsoft 365. We couldn’t be happier with our experience provided by Transend. I heartily recommend the migration service.

Thomas Breuler
London Aviation Underwriters

Run! Don’t walk to partner with Transend if you are considering moving to a new email platform. Our first email migration we did ourself was a nightmare, so the second time we prepared by partnering with Transend. They delivered as promised and provided clear communication during the process! All our email folders and messages were migrated quickly and cleanly!

Angelica Steinker
Courteous Canine, Inc.

We were extremely impressed with the results of our Google-to-M365 migration. We spent over a year looking into solutions to migrate email accounts with 15+ years of email history. After initially talking with Transend we were skeptical about how simple they made the process sound. We delayed our decision due to these concerns, not truly believing it could be pulled off without major problems or some downtime. However, Transend was confident in its process and technology…and proved it! Zero downtime. Zero issues. We couldn’t have hoped for a smoother process!

Duane Needham
ICI Manufacturing

Transend performed our most recent email migration from Google to Microsoft 365. The process was seamless, almost effortless. Having conducted migrations internally in the past, it was a relief to have a dedicated engineer streamline the process and keep the migration on track, even when my daily workload diverted my attention from the project. I am extremely satisfied with the customer service, level of professionalism, knowledge, and expertise they provided. Our email migration with Transend was an extremely pleasant experience!

Michael Mixon
Birdwell Computer Services

After years of problems with my email provider (random sent emails were not received by my clients) I decided it was time to switch hosts. So I started looking locally to find someone that could help me with the migration. With no luck locally, I decided to give Transend a chance. This decision turns out to be one of the best decisions I have made for my business! Their engineering team made the process so easy and pain-free. Transend migrated our email to M365 and it’s been working flawlessly ever since. If you’re looking for a company to handle your email migration, I highly recommend Transend – they’ll cover the entire process!

Darin McGuire
McGuire Tax

Transend’s speed and professionalism really stood out. There was one issue with a user who has an unusual obsession with saving draft messages. Following our mail migration we discovered his hundreds of draft messages weren’t editable in the target. Transend recreated the issue, engaged developers and deployed a fix within 1 day. This quick response was key to the overall perception of a smooth, well managed migration.

Joe Harnar
Vigilus LLC

We’re a small company with no IT staff, and thanks to Transend our migration from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace was extremely smooth. The process was very organized with clear instructions as to what we needed to provide and what to expect. Timely communication took place when we did have questions. I highly recommended Transend’s migration services.

Mike Davis

The project team at Transend provided a great service when migrating our data. It was a very easy, painless and successful process to transition our mail environment to Google Workspace.

Jeff Janik
Milton's Pizza & Pasta

Transend provided us with well-defined project steps, quickly assisted with any questions or issues, and kept us informed on each step as we worked through the process. The post migration support and training services were incredibly valuable in helping resolve any issues that surfaced after the migration was complete, and providing platform feature guidance. Transend owned the project through completion quickly and carefully. If I had known about Transend a year ago I wouldn’t have waited so long to migrate!

Stephen Ceasar
FDR Services Corp.

Transend’s technical abilities and customer service are fantastic. They accomplished in two days what I failed to do over weeks. Their knowledge and tools made for a quick and easy migration from Google Workspace to M365. They even worked late to meet a tough deadline. I highly recommend Transend, and their pricing is extremely reasonable, even for a non-profit like us!

Emily Perkins
Leadership Council for Women in National Security

The transition from Google to Microsoft 365 went extremely smoothly with a successful completion. The communication was great, and it has resolved all the issues we were experiencing with the source platform. We appreciate everything Transend’s team did for us!

Erick Holland
Barrett Petfood Innovations

Transend moved our client from Google to M365, and the process was as smooth as I could imagine. I have used Transend’s products before, but this was the first time I have used their services, and the project was completely painless! All data was successfully migrated and all we had to do was make the requested DNS changes (which Transend will do if requested). I will definitely be using Transend again in the future for any of our migrations. We have never had anything but excellent service from Transend!

Josh Cofer
Huff Technologies

Working with Transend to perform our email migration was an absolute blessing! Our dedicated Project Manager and engineer went above and beyond our expectations. We initially ran into numerous problems with our setup that were caused by another IT admin, but Transend architected and implemented a quick and effective solution allowing us to successfully migrate all data and transition to Microsoft 365 on schedule. I highly recommend Transend if you’re looking for a team of experts to get the job done no matter what transpires along the way.

Chief Technical Officer
Dynamique Capital Advisors

Transend provided a clear path for our migration from a legacy IMAP email hosting provider to Google Workspace. The process was made simple for us, the migration was performed flawlessly, and when we had questions our engineer was there to help. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Kevin Gates
10 Tradewinds

Our primary concerns in advance of a potential migration were user data and email retention, with minimal user impact during and after the migration. Transend was able to meet those objectives and exceed our expectations. The migration was executed quickly and smoothly, with no downtime whatsoever!

Additionally, communication from our Project Manager was excellent. She is a knowledgeable engineer, easy to work with, and has excellent technical AND communication skills. She has a customer-centric, pleasant demeanor while possessing SME knowledge. This is definitely appreciated, as I have worked with many engineers in the past, and rarely do they combine those skills. She even jumped on a call after working hours to quickly advise me on a cutover issue we didn’t understand.

We were able to meet our objectives on target and on time, with a minimal user impact!

Luis Rincon
Mood Media

Transend’s expertise and exceptional project management made the entire migration process effortless. They delivered a seamless transition, preserving all of our data and ensured zero disruptions. We highly recommend Transend for anyone seeking top-notch email migration services. Thank you!

Erica Lewis
Amplify Resources Group

I wish I had hired Transend for my migration project months ago. They were a pleasure to work with and the migration process was smooth from start to finish. My Project Manager was great, everything was seamless. I’m very pleased with the service, communication, and end result!

Nick Smith
In Bloom Flowers

Transend’s service was beyond excellent in all areas! My project manager’s technical skills, communication and professionalism were outstanding from the very start through completion. I can recall only a handful of business relationships and projects that were managed this well. Thank you!

Charles O'Neil
Chares River Properties

Transend made the impossible seem seamless. And our engineer was informative, compassionate, and patient, making an otherwise stressful and opaque experience easy. Before I knew it, the process was complete, and my team was barely aware of the work done.

Kristin Nienhuis
CTRL Therapeutics

Transend’s expertise and professionalism were evident throughout the entire process. Our Project Manager demonstrated a deep understanding of the project complexities, and their attention to detail ensured a smooth transition despite many irregularities our environment presented. Watching Transend successfully perform our migration to Google Workspace was a pleasure!

Susan Fixsen
Pacific Oak Homes

Our practice needed to migrate between Microsoft 365 tenants. Transend came well recommended, and the process from start to finish was smooth, easy, and well executed. Josh explained the entire process to me during pre-sales, and ultimately our Project Manager executed the project exactly as advertised. The whole Transend team was very responsive, and the steps of the project were always clear!

Michael B. Tantillo, MD MBA
Clareo Plastic Surgery

I realized that my client’s migration from M365 to Google Workspace was beyond my technical expertise, so I performed a search and was impressed by Transend’s experience, professionalism and high accolades from satisfied customers. It was important the migration was completed smoothly without disruption. Transend thoroughly explained their process and addressed my concerns regarding how they handled sensitive and personal data. Upon initiation my project manager explained everything step-by-step and answered all the questions that I had. I was extremely pleased with how smoothly the project went – Transend completed all tasks as expected and my project manager was always available when needed. I highly recommend Transend to anyone looking for experts to perform a smooth and successful migration, without disruption!

Kristin Todoroff
Toad Creative

I’m very pleased with the service Transend provided, especially because I had no idea how the migration process works! My project manager walked me through each step, explaining what would happen and what I would need to do, even if I didn’t understand the technical steps happening behind the scenes. The client portal was very helpful, it was nice to be able to communicate in real-time as things progressed. My email and calendar have been working seamlessly since the migration. I’m very happy with the result!

Becky Zeller
Zeller Preservation

We scoured the internet, searching high and low for someone to help our small company to migrate from GoDaddy to Google Workspace. I am the exact opposite of a techie, yet Transend managed to guide me through the process of providing them access to our platforms. They then took over everything from there, executing a flawless migration. Once it was complete, everything worked as expected on the other side. Transend provides support after the job is done, although I only had a few questions that were promptly answered. I highly recommend these folks to both small and large companies, or anyone looking to save time when switching email to a new platform and ensuring no data loss. Whatever star rating they use, I’d give all the stars!

Jake Freedle
Freedle & Associates

Frequently Asked Questions

Included Services

Express Migration Services include the following services within the Scope of Work:

Project Management

  • Dedicated Project Manager & Engineer
  • Secure access to a dedicated Project Portal
  • Review of Onboarding deliverables
  • Custom Project Plan

Setup & Configuration

  • Configure dedicated Migration Farm in secure AWS cloud
  • Prepare target platform
    • Provision User Accounts
    • Register domain(s) in target
    • Advanced object provisioning (Advanced Project Type only)
  • Build and validate migration software configuration
  • Prepare admin or end-user authentication; confirm connectivity to source/target environments
  • Confirm DNS cutover date (“Go Live”) and migration schedule

Transition to target environment

  • Stage-1 migration in advance of cutover
  • Update DNS records to support mail flow into and out of the target environment (“Go Live”)
    • MX records; TXT for Sender Policy Framework (SPF); Autodiscover
  • Stage-2 and Stage-3 migrations, including delta/catch-up sync jobs
  • Confirm results; remediate migration errors

Post-Migration Support (Managed Help Desk)

  • User Support – Covering platform access and usage
  • Administrator (IT) Support – Guidance to administrators related to management features
  • Training Materials – online Help Center with feature-based information and guidance
    • User Help Center
    • Admin Help Center

General Project Details

Just because we’re migration experts doesn’t mean we expect you to be!

Express Migration Services are designed to support all types of users and organizations, including those with limited technical skills.

Your Project Manager will guide you through providing Transend with requested Onboarding deliverables. Once we have the requested credentials, we perform all the work from there. We will ensure all considerations are addressed so there is no downtime or disruption to end-users, and your transition to the new environment is seamless and hassle-free!

Once Express Migration Services are purchased, Transend can started right away!

All Customers will receive an invitation to their dedicated Project Portal within 1-2 business days.

Within that project portal will be all relevant information and guidance needed to get started.

Most projects can be completed within a few days from the date Transend begins the migration, although the number of accounts and amount of data in scope impact the timeline.

Your dedicated Project Manager and Engineer will be ready to begin right away, and with robust scalability and rapid throughput capabilities, Transend’s optimized technology supports a quick turnaround!

Cutovers are when you officially transition to (or “Go Live”) in the new platform, and all new incoming mail is routed to the new platform. Transend will communicate all relevant considerations leading up to the cutover, and will let you schedule a cutover date that meets your needs.

If Transend performs the cutover (Transend updates DNS records):

  • Monday – Thursday (12:00pm – 3:00pm US – Central Time).
    • Migration processing will begin immediately after confirming mail flow into the target.

If Customer performs the cutover (Customer updates DNS records):

  • After Transend receives confirmation from Customer the DNS cutover has been performed and email is flowing into the target, Transend will begin migration processing immediately during normal business hours.

Note: if Customer has a need to cutover on Friday or during the weekend, please contact Transend to learn about the options available and additional fees.

Transend will request the following Onboarding items, and will provide detailed guidance how to obtain each item:

  • Admin credentials to the source platform
  • Admin credentials to the target platform
  • User List
  • If necessary, DNS registrar credentials

If admin credentials cannot be provided, end-user passwords will be required.

All projects include a Post-Migration Support period called Managed Help Desk.

Managed Help Desk:

Depending on your Project Type, you will receive either 2-weeks (Advanced) or 1-week (Standard) of post-cutover support to Users and Admins via phone, email, and remote screen share, as necessary.

  • User Support – L1 or L2 support to Users covering platform access and usage
  • Administrator (IT) Support – Guidance to administrators related to management features
  • Training Materials – online Help Center with feature-based information and guidance
    • User Help Center
    • Admin Help Center

Express Migration Services Terms & Conditions can be viewed here.