Migrate to Notes Domino


You perform the migration, or we can perform it for you. Transend has migration offerings for all project scopes!


Messages, Folders & Attachments


Personal, shared and secondary calendars


Personal contacts in your address book


Task/To-Do Items

Supported Systems & Files

  • Office 365
  • Exchange / Outlook
  • PST
  • OST
  • Outlook MSG
  • G Suite / Gmail
  • Notes Domino
  • NSF
  • SmartCloud
Micro Focus
  • GroupWise
Amazon Web Services
  • Amazon WorkMail
IMAP & Other
  • Communigate
  • EML
  • Eudora
  • First Class
  • GoDaddy
  • IMAP Server
  • Kerio
  • Mdaemon
  • Mirapoint
  • MBOX
  • Netmail XML Archive
  • Pegasus
  • POP Server
  • Rackspace
  • Sun/Oracle JES/iPlanet/One
  • Thunderbird/Netscape
  • Yahoo
  • Zimbra
  • Other

Main Benefits

We make the important configuration decisions for you, making the entire process more efficient and mistake-free!

The UI automatically defaults to the recommended settings and options based upon your source and target mail platform selections.

Add Remote Machines

Configure projects from a central location (Migration Console) and scale processing across a network of remote machines (containing Remote Agents), while managing everything from a central location.

Adjust Concurrency

You may further scale the migration by adjusting the Concurrency setting. This tells the Agents how many user migration jobs to process in parallel.

For example, if you have 3 Remote Agent Machines and a Concurrency value set to 4, you will be able to migrate a maximum of 12 users at the same time.

While the migration is running, you may go to the Forecast screen to view the estimated time of completion. The forecast will update periodically based on actual data rates experienced, combined with the amount of data already migrated and amount of data remaining.

You may also estimate other potential scenarios if you added resources to your migration.

For example, you can view the how the estimated completion date would change if you added additional Remote Machines or increased the number of concurrent migrations per machine.

View all relevant migration details, including real-time results, from a central location.

View high level progress of the migration project, or more granular details of each mailbox and migration job.

Regardless of how many remote machines you scale migration processing across, you can view all migration details from the central Console.

No tool on the market supports a higher standard of data fidelity. 25+ years of production feedback and relationships with the primary mail vendors (Microsoft, IBM/HCL, Google, Micro Focus) have contributed to the enhancement of our technology.

Select customers include leading law firms, eDiscovery consultants, financial institutions and government agencies, including FBI, SEC, NASD, Deloitte & Touche, KPMG and many more.

Transend supports a methodology that reduces the impact on end-users and allows for a seamless transition to Notes Domino with no down-time.

All Transend support engineers are US-based and able to assist via telephone and email. We’re committed to ensuring your migration experience is a positive one, so if you run into problems we’re here to help.

Transend support engineers are trained experts with deep knowledge of the software and likely remedies. We will not send your support inquiries to an outsourced call center!

Key Features

  • REDESIGNED UI - new user interface simplifies the configuration process
  • AUTOMATED WORKFLOW - every selection auto-enables the appropriate settings and options
  • SCALABILITY – scale migration processing across a network of remote machines
  • FORECAST COMPLETION – a predictive timeline defines an expected completion date
  • CENTRALIZED MANAGEMENT – manage the entire project & view results from a central console

When technology changes, data moves.



After understanding specific project requirements, a certified expert will recommend a migration strategy and approach for your project.



Define and execute a testing plan (pilot) to ensure throughput and data fidelity meet expectations and timelines are met.



Smart configuration technology auto-defaults recommended settings based on your migration scenario.



Scale processing across a network of remote machines running in parallel, while managing the entire project from a central console in real-time.



Work with a migration engineer to validate results and ensure data fidelity meets expectations.

Want Transend to perform the migration for you?

Ensure success by offloading your project to migration experts. Regardless of your specific needs, Transend engineers can perform all required services from beginning-to-end.

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