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Transend Migration Console

Transend Migration Console contains a rich set of new features that make up the most intuitive, flexible and scalable migration tool on the market. With different editions for different use cases, Enterprise / SMB organizations can take advantage of advanced scalability and automation features, while non-technical users can use the Personal Edition with the click of only a few buttons.

All editions utilize smart/predictive technology to streamline the workflow process. By auto-enabling configuration settings as selections are made, the entire process becomes more efficient and mistake-free!

Having been counted on to migrate over 30 million mailboxes worldwide, Transend Migration Console yields the highest level of data fidelity while supporting all major email platforms.

Data Fidelity
30+ million mailboxes
migrated worldwide
Technical Support from
US-based engineers
Transend performs the migration for you

Professional Services

When leaning on Transend to perform your migration, you’re relying on a team of experts who have performed thousands of migrations and experienced all associated issues and obstacles that must be overcome. Rather than battle the unknown with your most business critical data, offload the hassle, effort and risk to Transend to ensure your project is completed accurately and efficiently while yielding the best possible results!

As an added benefit, Transend is not only the service provider, but also the software developer. We work with our own technology, which yields unparalleled efficiency!

Assessment, Planning & Architecture
Infrastructure Implementaiton & Deployment
Pilot & Production Migrations, Cutover
Validate Results

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