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Project Phases

Express Migration Services Projects include the following project phases:

  • Setup
  • Production
  • Post-Migration Support (Managed Help Desk)


The Setup phase is when Transend prepares for migration. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Set up internal project management platforms and services
  • Kickoff meeting
  • Learning of any custom preferences that deviate from the defined Scope of Work or default migration methodologies, and if necessary, preparing an Amendment to account for required deviations
  • Validation of credentials provided by customer
  • Object provisioning (Advanced Project Type)
  • Production readiness – confirm the target platform is ready for migration
  • Validation all objects are provisioned and licensed, as necessary
  • Validation user accounts in scope can be authenticated
  • Notify the customer Setup is complete and to schedule the cutover

Once all Setup tasks have been performed, Transend will close the Setup phase move to the Production phase.


The Production phase includes, but is not limited to:

  • Schedule the cutover
  • Communicate to users the migration details
  • Provision the migration farm
  • Configure migration software
  • Mailbox migration (if Staged)
    • Begin the Stage-1 mailbox migration
    • Perform the Cutover, or (if performed by customer) coordinate the Cutover
    • Perform Stage-2 and Stage-3 migrations, as necessary
  • Mailbox migration (if Single-pass)
    • Perform the Cutover, or (if performed by customer) coordinate the Cutover
    • Perfrom Single-pass migration of all mailbox data in scope
  • Perfrom Single-pass file migration, if in scope

Post-Migration Support

Each project includes a post-migration support period called Managed Help Desk.

  • User support
  • Admin support
  • Training materials
  • Migration data remediation