It is required that you provide the requested information in your Onboarding document, which includes credentials to relevant platforms required by Transend to perform your migration. Your Portal will define each item’s status.

Create an Admin Account

Transend is able to migrate data with admin authentication so that user passwords are not required.

If your source environment is something other than Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, you must provide one of the following:

  • Create an admin account for Transend, or

  • Provide credentials of an existing admin account so Transend can evaluate your platform’s authentication capabilities.

    • If admin authentication is not supported, Transend requires that you provide passwords (in the user list) for each account to be migrated.
    • Important! You must either disable MFA on the admin account provided, or add the following phone number as the MFA security number: 1-510-871-4690.

Delegate Access to DNS Registrar

If you want Transend to update DNS records during the cutover, and Go Daddy or Network Solutions is your DNS hosting registrar, please delegate access to Transend.

If your DNS registrar is a vendor other than Go Daddy or Network Solutions, you must provide one of the following:

  • Create an admin account for Transend to manage DNS records, or

  • Provide credentials to an existing admin account to the DNS hosting registrar.


If you will be updating DNS records yourself, or having a partner other than Transend update DNS records, you do not need to provide any DNS registrar credentials to Transend.

User List

Transend has provided a User List template (specific to your migration scenario with appropriate source and target) in Portal (under Files). The User List should be populated with each account you want Transend to migrate.

Upload files to Portal

Once your Onboarding doc and User List are completed, upload them into Portal.