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Preview Features

Transend has included select software enhancement features that are continuing to be optimized in either functionality or UI design.

Preview features are included so customers can provide feedback through testing to help improve the overall experience and design of these features. All Preview features are designated with a (Preview) label.

Current Preview Features

The following are currently designed as (Preview) features within Transend products.

  1. Microsoft 365: Modern Authentication (OAuth 2.0)

    Effective the second half of 2021, Microsoft will deprecate Basic Authentication while transitioning to Modern Authentication. Basic Authentication relies on sending usernames and passwords — often stored on or saved to the device — with every request, increasing the risk of attackers capturing users’ credentials, particularly if not TLS protected.

    Modern Authentication (OAuth 2.0) uses web-based sign via OAuth in allowing full single sign on, and rich multi-factor authentication processes.

    To migrate using EWS Modern Authentication (OAuth 2.0), follow these steps:

    1. Prior to migrating data using OAuth 2.0, you will need to Create an Application in Azure Active Directory.

    2. Once your Application is created in Azure AD, enable OAuth in Transend Migration Console. Navigate to the Configuration Settings > Required screen. In the Authentication Options section, click the dropdown arrow and select Modern Authentication (OAuth 2.0).

    3. Enter your Application (client) ID and Application Secret (Value).

      Alt text

  2. Enterprise Tools for Non-User Mailbox Objects

    Select Transend Migration Console Enterprise Edition customers may request Enterprise Tools that support the migraiton of non-user mailbox objects (Groups/Distribution Lists, Aliases, Delegation, etc.). To request Enterprise Tools, please contact us.