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IMAP Server Considerations

IMAP allows a client, such as Transend Migration Console, to access and migrate email messages on a server. Several widely used email servers support IMAP in addition to their native APIs, including Microsoft Exchange, GroupWise, Gmail, Zimbra, Kerio and others.

There are many different versions of IMAP mail systems available and Transend will support them all:

  • Communigate Pro
  • Eudora
  • First Class
  • Mdaemon
  • Mirapoint
  • Sun / Oracle JES / iPlanet / One
  • Yahoo
  • Many others…


Some IMAP based servers allow you to migrate email data by using an Administrative account, without requiring end-user passwords. This means that some servers can be migrated without the end user password. In those cases, you may be able to use the AUTHEXTERNAL, AUTHPLAIN, or the PROXYAUTH optional settings.

Many UNIX or Open Source email servers support the IMAP protocol. Therefore, if the email application isn’t directly supported by Transend Migration Console, it may still be migrated through the IMAP protocol.

Transend requires that the IMAP server be at version 4.1 or above. The migration machine must have a TCP/IP connection to the server, and there must be a valid email account on the server. Before migrating with Transend Migration Console, test your IMAP account using a standard email client. This will ensure there is a valid connection. If there is a connection, Transend will be able to migrate email.


A live IMAP based server and account information, such as the account name, URL or IP Address, Address to the IMAP compliant server, and the password.

No client software is required for migration.