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Setting up Remote Machines

Transend Remote Agents perform the actual migration of data. Migration jobs are configured and created on the Console machine, which then uses its Daemon service to distribute those jobs to the Remote Agent Machines for processing. You may install as many Remote Agent Machines as needed to scale your migration, per your licensed edition type. The more Remote Agent Machines you scale your project across, the faster your migration will complete.

While you may add as many Remote Agent Machines as necessary, you must only install the Transend Migration Console on a single machine.

System Requirements:

  • Physical or virtual machine

  • Windows 10 or Windows Server (2008 R2 or higher)

    • When using a Windows Server 2008, download and install the x86 version, Microsoft Visual C++ runtime libraries – vc_redist.x86.exe.

      • Note: If the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime libraries are not installed on your Remote Agent Windows Server 2008 machine, migration jobs will likely crash immediately. To definitively diagnose the problem, go to the Transend Migration Console directory on an agent machine, and in a command line window, run:

        tmcmd.exe /v

        If no messages are displayed, then the machine is missing the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime libraries.

  • 4 core processor

  • 8 GB memory

  • 100 GB free disk space

To set up a Remote Machine prior to installation of the Transend Remote Agent, perform the following steps:

  1. Login to Windows with a user account that has local administrator rights to the machine
  2. Install Transend Remote Agent
  3. Click the icon to open Transend Remote Agent.


  • The Windows service starts up automatically
  • The user interface can be used to start and stop the service, as well as install software updates

Install Remote Agent

Once you have set up your Remote Machine, you next should install a Remote Agent on each Remote Machine.