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Amazon WorkMail Considerations

Transend uses delegation to perform an administrative migration to Amazon WorkMail, whereby only the administrator’s password needs to be supplied.


  1. Log in to the WorkMail administrator’s console.
  2. Under Organization Settings | Mailbox Migration, press the Edit button and select a user who will be authorized to perform migrations.

Server Name

The default value that Transend Migration Console suggests is the server for the eastern United States. Your server may be different. Currently there are three WorkMail servers to choose from:

  • US East (N. Virginia): ews.mail.us-east-1.awsapps.com
  • US West (Oregon): ews.mail.us-west-2.awsapps.com
  • EU (Ireland): ews.mail.eu-west-1.awsapps.com

You can find out which region your account is attached to by going to the Amazon WorkMail console.