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Glossary of Key Terms

Understanding the core concepts and architecture of Transend Migration Console will help you optimize functionality and efficiency.

Migration Console

Transend Migration Console is the central point of management. This is where you configure your project, user list, credentials, settings and view results. Note: The Migration Console is to be installed on a single machine only!

Remote Agent

Transend Remote Agent performs the actual migration processing on remote machines. You may only install Remote Agents on remote machines (i.e. different machines than the Console machine). Note: Do not install Remote Agents on the Console machine. The Migration Console includes its own local agent.

Remote Machine

You may configure remote machines to host the Remote Agent. Remote Machines may be physical or virtual, and are intended to allow operators to scale migration processing across a network of machines to speed the process up.


A daemon service runs on the Console machine and communicates with Remote Agent machines. It creates migration Jobs and sends them out to available Remote Agents to perform migration processing. The daemon stays in constant contact with the agents, collecting logs, dedup files and statistics from each migration job along the way.


There are multiple editions of Transend Migration Console available for purchase:

  • Professional Edition – for most small & medium sized projects
  • Enterprise Edition – robust scalability for faster processing
  • eDiscovery Edition – email conversion for eDiscovery & compliance purposes

View specific details and benefits of each Edition.

Support & Maintenance Coverage Term

Each purchase of Transend Migration Console includes Support & Maintenance, either Limited or Standard Support coverage. View a definition of each support term.


The top-level container for a migration. Within a Project you define the source and target platforms, a list of users and one or more configurations.


A user mailbox that maps to a mailbox in the source and target platforms. A migration moves the data for one or more users from the source to the target. For file-based migrations a User would be a unique file (i.e. PST or NSF file).


Defines the settings used when migrating from the source platform to the target platform. TMC pre-configures settings for every source and target to deliver optimal results for most migration scenarios. If necessary, the default settings can be customized for specific needs. A set of settings is considered a Configuration, to be applied against a single or group of Users.


Created when a Configuration is assigned to one or more Users. You may create multiple Migrations for a set of Users with different Configurations (i.e. mail only migration, calendar/contact/task only migration, mail delta migration, etc.) or apply the same Configuration to different groups of Users (i.e. phased Migrations by department, region, etc.).


The migration of one User’s data.

Preview Features

Transend has included select software enhancement features that are continuing to be optimized in either functionality or UI design. Preview features are included so customers can provide feedback through testing to help improve the overall experience and design of these features. All Preview features are designated with a (Preview) label.