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Microsoft 365 Authentication Options

When performing a migration of bulk users using admin credentials (a service account so that you don’t need end-user passwords), you will need to select which type of authentication to use:

Microsoft has deprecated support of Basic Authentication, in favor of Modern Authentication, so Transend has made Modern Authentication the default method for admin driven migrations.

If your Microsoft 365 tenant is not configured with Basic Authentication enabled, you will get validation failures if trying to use Impersonation or Delegation.

Modern Authentication (Recommended):

Uses web-based sign-in via OAuth in allowing full single sign on, and rich multi-factor authentication processes. The following link provides step-by-step guidance to Create an Application in Azure Active Directory that will allow you to continue with configuration of Transend Migration Console using Modern Authentication.

Basic Authentication:

Relies on sending usernames and passwords — often stored on or saved to the device — with every request, increasing the security risks.