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Contact Technical Support

Depending on your License Edition, you may contact Transend Tech Support either by email or telephone.

Email Tech Support

Send email to Tech Support and please include:

  1. Your name and telephone number
  2. Your version and Edition of Transend Migration Console
  3. Your license information
  4. Your operating system and service pack version
  5. What software you are converting from and version
  6. What you are converting to and version
  7. A specific description of the problem; include what you were doing, symptoms, error messages, and anything else related to the problem
  8. Attach the log file to your message

Call Tech Support

Tech Support can be reached by telephone at (650) 324-5370.

Transend’s normal business hours are 9am – 5pm (Pacific), Mon – Fri.

If you will be performing a migration during non-business hours, and anticipate a need for support during non-business hours, please contact us at least 7 days in advance so we can schedule a support engineer to be available, if possible.