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License Modes

Transend Migration Console may be run in the following license modes:

Trial Mode

When no license information is entered, the software runs in Trial Mode. This means all migrations will be limited to 5 messages per folder.

Evaluation Mode

Upon request, Transend is able to provide an Evaluation license for testing purposes. There are no limitations with the Evaluation License.

When migrating with an Evaluation license, each migrated message displays a text watermark atop the message body in the target as follows:

This message has been converted with an evaluation version of Transend Migration Console for testing purposes only. Use beyond the trial period specified in your Software Evaluation Agreement is prohibited. Please contact Transend at (650) 324-5370 or [email protected] to obtain a license suitable for use in a production environment. Thank you.


  • The fidelity of the source messages is not compromised in any way
  • This text watermark is not able to be removed from the migrated messages

Production Mode

Upon purchase, you will be provided with a Production license for use in a production environment.