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Access a Network Drive

There are several places where you might choose to use a network drive. Some examples include:

  • The Source or Target Platform (i.e. direct access to the mail store of a Kerio server, or locally stored files such as PST, EML or PDF)
  • Location of detached attachments that exceed size limits of the target system (configured under Basic Options)
  • Location of deduplication files (configured under Basic Options)

When accessing a network drive, keep in mind the following considerations:

  1. You must use a UNC path (i.e.: \servername\foldername) rather than a mapped drive letter

  2. You must change the logon account for the Transend Agent Email Migration service. To do that:

    • Click Start > Run to open Windows Services

    Alt text

    • Find and then double-click on Transend Agent Email Migration

    • Click on the Logon tab

    Alt text

    • Change from the Local System account to a user account. The user’s account may be a Windows domain user or a local machine administrator account that has access to the desired UNC file share

    • Enter the username and password, then click OK

    • Restart the Transend Agent Email Migration service

  3. If you have multiple Remote Agent machines, apply the same change to each of them