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Migration Results

To view the status of active and completed migrations, click Migrations / Run from the left side navigation pane.

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Each row represents a batch of users in a migration, combined with their configuration settings. Each migration is uniquely numbered in the left column.

Click View Progress of an active migration or View Results of a completed migration to view results at the user mailbox level.

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The top level status bar provides a status summary of active and completed migrations.

In the table are user mailboxes included in this migration. Click the Name of a user mailbox on the left side to view more granular details about a particular migration at the user level.

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Click any of the column headers to sort results:

  • Name – user mailbox
  • Last Updated – when the Console last received results from the Agent
  • Last Host – Agent Machine used to migrate this user
  • Last License – license mode used to migrate this user
  • Data – amount of data migrated (includes all data types)
  • Items – number of items migrated (includes all data types)
  • Warnings – number of warnings
  • Email status – status of email jobs
  • Contacts status – status of contacts jobs
  • Calendar status – status of calendar jobs
  • Tasks status – status of task jobs
  • Progress – status of the total user mailbox migration

You may click on the different colored bars in the top status bar to filter the table by status:

  • Blue – currently executing
  • Green – completed successfully
  • Red – failed due to error(s)

Click the status bar again to remove the filter and view the status of all user mailboxes in this migration.

Click the Migration drop-down list in the top right corner to view results of other migrations.

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