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Getting Started with Entra ID

In this 60-minute session you’ll learn how to use Entra ID for secure and seamless access. You will learn the basic skills needed to use Microsoft Entra ID, a platform that enables you to create and manage your digital identity across different applications and services. Included is information about how to create and manage accounts, leverage groups, how to limit when you can use accounts, and how a Microsoft Entra ID can be used to sign into other applications (SSO). Finally, the session will cover various reporting and logging available within Microsoft Entra.

Agenda: Getting Started with Entra ID

  • Introduction to Microsoft Entra ID
    • What is Microsoft Entra ID
    • Navigating Microsoft Entra
  • Users Groups, and Devices
    • Assigning and best practices for roles and admins
    • Adding External Identities and Guests
    • Hybrid identity
  • Protection
    • Conditional Access capabilities
    • Authentication options
  • Apps
    • Applications and Enterprise Applications
  • Logs and Reporting
    • Sign-in Logs
    • Activity Log