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Getting Started with Microsoft 365 Administration

In this 60-minute training session, you will learn the basic skills needed to perform essential Microsoft 365 administrative tasks. We’ll provide a high-level overview of the different Admin Centers to identify where specific administrative tasks are performed. We will also review the available options for governance, compliance and security.

Agenda: Getting Started with Microsoft 365 Administration

  • Introduction to Microsoft 365 Administration
    • Overview of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem (in Contoso demo environment)
      • Review how OneDrive, SharePoint & Teams work together
    • Role of an administrator in managing Microsoft 365
      • Ability to sign Administrative Roles, discuss IT department’s role supporting and implementing policy (i.e. Governance and Retention policies)
  • Navigating the Microsoft 365 Administration Center
    • Overview of the Admin Center interface
    • Key features and tools available in the Admin Center
      • Tour of Roles, Resources, Billing, Support Tickets, Settings, Setup, Reports, Health recommendations include a benchmark reading of adoption score
  • Managing Users and Groups
    • Creating and managing user accounts
      • Licensing, Security (MFA) settings, Group Types, Password Reset/Blocking Users, Accessing a User’s OneDrive space
    • Assigning licenses and permissions
    • Creating and managing Groups
    • Employee termination best practices
    • Overview of Managing User Devices
      • Overview and introduction to Intune
        • Note: Includes a basic overview of Intune functionality. Guidance related to Intune implementation requires a standalone advanced session
  • Configuring Microsoft 365 Services
    • Overview of primary Microsoft 365 Services (Exchange/SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Security)
    • Configuring service settings options
      • Examples: How to whitelist a domain (to bypass spam), add email aliases, implement mail forwarding (internal and external), disable ‘Create SharePoint site’ option
  • Security and Compliance Overview
    • Overview of security and compliance features in Microsoft 365
    • Configuring security and compliance settings