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Getting Started with Microsoft SharePoint Administration

In this 60-minute training session, you’ll learn the basic skills needed to perform essential administrative tasks on the SharePoint platform. We’ll review the different SharePoint components and how they work together to create a collaborative environment for your organization. We will also review the options for managing sites, libraries, lists, and permissions.

Agenda: Getting Started with Microsoft SharePoint Administration

  • Introduction to SharePoint Administration
    • Overview of the SharePoint platform and its components
    • Role of an administrator in managing SharePoint sites and content
    • Navigating the SharePoint Admin Center
  • SharePoint Architecture
    • Sites and Site Creation
    • Lists and Libraries
    • Pages and Web Parts
  • SharePoint Security
    • Securing SharePoint
    • Configuration Sharing Policies
  • SharePoint Integrations
    • SharePoint, Groups, and Teams
    • SharePoint and PowerShell