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Microsoft 365 Live End-User Training Sessions

The following live instructor-led end-user training sessions include the following:

  • Planning meeting to understand learning needs
  • 60-minute sessions
  • Session recordings to be distributed to Customer users and administrators for internal usage (can be added to customer’s Learning Portal upon request)
  • Session scheduling at mutually agreeable date/time

Recommended Training Path to Building Microsoft 365 Champions includes a series of sessions that provide fundamental knowledge across the core and most often used Microsoft 365 applications and services. Together these sessions provide a cohesive learning experience that provide insight into new functionality and how the different Microsoft 365 services work together.

Email & Collaboration

100OL – Microsoft Outlook
Explore the rich functionalities and enhanced experience offered by Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Online. This session is designed to help users maximize productivity and streamline communication workflow. Transend will guide you through a comprehensive overview of Outlook’s powerful features, including email management, calendar scheduling, and collaboration tools.

102 – Microsoft 365: The Collaboration Experience
Review the collaboration experience of Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 has new tools that provide the opportunity to work collaboratively on files and brings a connected, transparent experience for communication. While the objectives may sound intimidating, this is a session that will benefit anyone who wants to learn how Microsoft 365 tools work together. Think of this session as the starting point for learning how to work in a modern way using Microsoft 365.

201 – Getting Started with Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams is more than Instant Messaging. Learn how to use Microsoft Teams, which provides a modern conversation experience for today’s users who need to share a digital workspace. It’s a hub for your team to work together, communicate, share documents and files, and hold meetings.

202 – Meet Like a Pro Using Microsoft Teams
Learn how to use Microsoft Teams to meet and collaborate with your colleagues and clients. Microsoft Teams combined with Microsoft 365’s other collaboration services provide a modern experience for today’s workers who need to share a digital workspace. We’ll demonstrate functionality that will help you work better together and tips to conduct the most productive meetings using Microsoft Teams.

202C – Microsoft Teams for the Project Manager
Unlock the power of Microsoft Teams for efficient project management. We will navigate through the ins and outs of Microsoft Teams specific to Project Management. Discover how to effortlessly organize tasks, assign responsibilities, and track progress within the intuitive interface of Teams. From seamless file sharing to real-time collaboration, gain the confidence to optimize your team’s productivity and achieve project success like never before.

301 – Microsoft Planner and To Do
Microsoft provides many tools to help manage team-based and individual tasks. We can also utilize these via Microsoft Teams, our communications hub. In this session, we will look at Microsoft Planner and To Do so that you will have a basic understanding of what each does and how they can help you, your team, and projects stay organized. We will see how these applications are now integrated and available via Microsoft Teams.

999 – Wait There is More Microsoft 365
Engage in a deeper look at some of the lessor known Microsoft apps and services, that may have been brushed upon in other sessions. You’ll explore the following apps: Microsoft Bookings, Loop, Forms, and Stream. The power of this session is understanding additional tools that may be helpful to your users and company, and how these tools work with what you use now, because they are a part of the Microsoft 365 tool kit.

File Storage & Sharing

203 – Welcome to OneDrive for Business
Introduction to Microsoft OneDrive, which is changing the way we access, save and work with our files. OneDrive lets us access our content from almost any location and across devices. After this session you will have a stronger knowledge of OneDrive and the best practices for collaboration that will ultimately help you work more efficiently!

204 – SharePoint 101: The Modern Experience
Introduction to the benefits and reasons businesses are using SharePoint. We’ll provide tips on how you can access your SharePoint content outside of the browser, and you’ll get a crash course in SharePoint Document Libraries and Lists.

204B – A Deeper Dive with SharePoint Document Libraries and Lists
Learn all about document libraries and lists. Document libraries, a core component of SharePoint, provide a secure location to store files where you and your co-workers can find them and work together. Document Libraries provide a modern way to work and collaborate enabling you to work on your content from almost any location, across modern devices. Beyond traditional file storage, you can create alerts and triggers, and custom views. Often overlooked by the new user, SharePoint Lists provide you with the ability to organize data. A list is a collection of data that you and others you provide access to, can access to manage workflow. Microsoft 365 provides several templates for lists that we will explore, including the Asset Manager and Issue Tracker.

204C – Harmonize SharePoint Sites with Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams and connectivity with SharePoint is often overlooked, in many cases SharePoint and Teams are seen as different tools for different purposes, Teams for communication and SharePoint for Document Management. In this session, we provide tips and guidance on bridging the gap between SharePoint and Teams environments to enhance user collaboration, findability, and maximum productivity.