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How to tell if a Remote Agent is active

Progress updates will appear regularly on the Console machine. This means that Remote Agents are performing the migration as expected. If you are not seeing updates on the Console, you should check the Remote Agent machines for further details.

Look in the Task Manger on the Remote Agent machines. There will be one TMCMD.exe process running for each actively processing user migration job.

If there are no active TMCMD.exe processes, then make sure the Agent service is running. Otherwise, the Agent may have completed all assigned migration jobs already or has not received any new jobs from the Console Daemon.

In Windows Explorer, open the TMAgent folder (C:\ProgramData\Transend\tmagent). Sort the date column to show the most recent files at the top. You will see numbered log files updating periodically, indicating that a user is being migrated. There will also be a file called results.zip, which is collecting migration progress updates. The Console Daemon service picks those up regularly, so you will see those disappear and then get recreated. This indicates that the migration is actively running.

The TMAgent.log file (in C:\ProgramData\Transend\tmagent) can be opened in a text file viewer to see general communication and job information. Note: Do not edit or save this file since it is constantly being updated!

You may also monitor the current status of Remote Agent machines from the Console. On the menu, click on Project / Job Monitor to view live status. Filter by Agent machine, if desired.