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Google Workspace / Gmail Considerations

To migrate bulk accounts into or out of Google Workspace/Gmail (formerly called G Suite) without end-user passwords (admin authentication), you will need to set up a Google Service Account.

You will grant permission to a service account to access your Google Workspace data. In most cases this will be a service account created by you.

Note: To migrate a single mailbox (or a few mailboxes) without usage of a Service Account, view instructions to migrate individual accounts with end-user authentication.

Create a Google Service Account

To create a service account, view Google’s instructions to Create a Service Account.

You will be given a service account email address and client ID which you should note, and be able to download a private key file (usually named “Google-privatekey.p12”) which you should store in a secure location.

Enable Google APIs

You will also need to enable several APIs that Transend uses. Under “APIs & auth”, select APIs, and use the search box to locate, in turn, the following:

  • Gmail API
  • Google Calendar API
  • Contacts API
  • Tasks API
  • Google Drive API

Select the API, and press the “Enable API” button.

To view more details about setting up a Google Service account, view the following Transend White Paper that provides guidance on setting up a service account.

Use Transend’s Service Account

Alternatively, you may use an existing service account that Transend created. Athough this is easy to use, please note that using this account opens up a security hole, in that anyone who has Transend software and enters your user email addresses will be able to access your data during the period that access has been granted to that account.

Given this, it is highly recommened that you set up your own service account.

View the Transend Whitepaper that provides guidance to Grant Access to Transend’s Google Service Account