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Uninstall Transend Migration Console

To uninstall/remove Transend software, perform the following steps:

Use the Add/Remove Programs feature located inside your Windows Control Panel. You need to do this if you want a clean uninstall from your system, and you must uninstall prior to upgrading to a newer version of Transend Migration Console.

After you uninstall Transend Migration Console there might still be files left behind. These files will be your configuration files, log files, and anything else inside the data folder. To remove these files, use Windows Explorer to view the following directory:


Re-install Transend Migration Console

If you need to reinstall Transend Migration Console on a machine that has previously had an instance installed, perform the following steps:

Note: all previously collected data (Projects, Users, Statistics, etc.) will be lost.  
  1. Uninstall Transend MIgration Console from your machine’s control panel.
  2. Delete the following directory:
    C:\Users\ (your name) \AppData\Roaming\Transend Migration Console.
  3. Reboot your machine.
  4. Install Transend Migration Console per the installation instructions.